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May. 7th, 2009


The Perfect Mother's Day Gift!


3 boxes of stock and some balsamic vinegar for only $49.95! I think I could pick up the same stuff at Winco for less than $15...but of course, that wouldn't have Roachie's gloriously Photochopped image in the label.

Apr. 20th, 2009


Madelemming sucks too

Okay, I googled this community name to see whether it was coming up in search engines yet (it is). But as I scanned the hits, one was from lemming Madeline's blog dated last month some time. I won't post a link because I've heard that she has click through advertising on it. This post cited a Jason from Shark Byte something. Wow, he thinks anti-Ray posters are jealous -- there's a comment I haven't heard before. Madeline also copped to trolling the anti-fan sites and wishing fervently that they could be shut down.

Umm..Maddie? No one is preventing you from posting whatever crap you feel like on your blog. If anti-fan posters are jealous, then what does that make you, an anti-anti-fan poster? And we won't even get into the issue of you wishing to abrogate the free speech rights of people who think your obsession with Roachie is just a tad...well, mental.



They claim not to be into "drama" but in the few short months that BoardOutMind has been a community on LJ there have now been 3 instances of major board blow ups.

The first one involved the now defunct rachael_ray_sucks community and was responsible for the Bored Board being created in the first place. Considering the treachery of the moderator in knowingly allowing a troll to attack the community I personally I have always felt that the split was justified.

The next incident that I'm aware of occurred when I learned that the rrsux community had been shut down. In an attempt to keep the "sucking spirit" alive, I created this community. I sent out invitations to people on my friends list and made the mistake of referring to it on the other board. Apparently the mods on the Bored Board felt threatened, as conniptions and hissy fits ran rampart for a couple of days. Despite apologizing twice considerable bitching was aimed at me. I avoided the board for a week or so and when I went back there were 40 posts pissing and moaning that I mentioned this community and used my friends list which was more or less the same list as members of that community. They seemed to feel that it was tacky to use "their" forum to promote another -- yet they have no problem at all in mentioning the boardoutmind community on boards elsewhere in the blogosphere. I deleted my original post and the replies went with it. The ironic thing about this situation was that although I did not view this community as a rival gang to the Boarders, the mods did. I had planned to link to them but after the mods' rather pointless drama I decided not to.

The third seems to have occurred over the last day or so. Many of the posts in question have been deleted (love that selective moderation in which an argument has broken out, harassing things said but only one user's posts removed).

There may have been other minor blow ups that I'm not aware of or simply did not pay any attention to them in the first place.

Some people who shall remain nameless are fond of posting that people who are not fans of Rroachie are mentally ill. When drama such as this continually erupts, it makes you wonder...

Apr. 6th, 2009


The Bourdain Thank You


My comment...

Something about the entire exchange just rubs me the wrong way. Of course, if someone makes a gesture of sending a gift it will be acknowledged in a thank you note. But the bigger question is: why did she send anything and why was the note blogged instead of sent privately? One has no choice but to question the sincerity of both the gift and the acknowledgment. Sure RR has stated publicly that criticism doesn't bother her, the critics are correct about her skills and knowledge and you can't please everyone. But I think it is very very important to her to appear to be Little Miss Sunshine and that's why she has employees who post that her detractors are mentally ill.

Tony  I think you're great, love your writing and your attitude. But I think this whole thing is simply one big publicity stunt. Does RRoachie's newfound love of Tony perhaps date from his quote that he'd be willing to get drunk with her?


Apparently I'm not the only one on to her...


Love the Reviews!

Apr. 4th, 2009


A Lie Told Often Enough...

...is still a fucking lie!

Roachie, puh-leeze get off the "my food is built for a recession. Plus it's healthy!" schtick. This crap you throw together is neither, regardless of how many times you repeat the lie. Maybe your idiot fans don't know the difference (and considering their obvious mental limitations, I'm sure they don't) but others do. I've noticed that despite FN being challenged to prove your claims, they continue to refuse to publish nutritional information on your stuff. I'm no rocket scientist but I am able to use calorieking.com to figure out how many calories and fat and carbohydrate grams are in a typical recipe and then divide by the number of servings you claim. There is simply no fucking way on god's green earth your recipes are remotely "healthy."  A typical rroachipe contains double meat portions and a shitload of cheese, oil and a day's worth of fat and carbohydrate.

Sorry but this shit isn't even healthy for starving people. It would overload their systems and they would have serious issues. Anyone else who eats this crap on a regular basis will in all probability develop Type II diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol issues.

It isn't cheap either, even your many mac n cheeze concoctions.

And since the fuck when does Bill O'Reilly know shit about food (or anything else)?

Mar. 30th, 2009


Okay, So Where's all the Hate for TMZ???


Nothing no one else has said...oddly, fewer people making the "jealousy" accusation. Maybe they are finally starting to die off.


LOL I Knew This is What She Craves


Okay it's a little old but I don't recall hearing about it before. And here I recently speculated on the other board that she has this very act written into the gueat appearance contract for her show...

Mar. 29th, 2009


Polenta and Meatballs

We are in the process of using up some stuff in the fridge. My honey made meatballs with ground beef, onion, garlic, parmesan and the homemade bread crumbs I had left over from a couple of days ago. Then he whipped up some polenta. Lots of stirring (the immersion blender helped with the lumps). While all this was going on, he made dough in the bread machine which turned into focaccia. To die for!!!

Mar. 10th, 2009


The Appearance on Larry King

It can be easily summed up: same shit, different day. Didn't say anything she hasn't said a thousand times before.

Until last night, I liked Ali Velshi. Now I know he's just another ass kissing empty meaningless talking head like everyone else who thinks this dumbfuck has any new or useful information to impart.

Plus I notice that even though there was a link set up on the CNN site to submit questions for the guest, none of them were read. Chicken!

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